RGS Realty seeks to build an environment replete with goodness. It is made possible through relentless endeavors to provide an absolute assurance of quality and customer service of high caliber. When all of this falls in line with our untiring passion to build a resolute foundation of excellence, blessings and goodwill encompass your life in the true essence our blissful aura.

A crystal clear vision and a set of core values have been embedded in the work ethics of our skilled set of employees. They are wholly dedicated to serving a singular resolve - to bring innovation and delight into the lives of the people. They do it through excellent operational skill management, backed by three decades of legacy, integrity and expertise of Sukhwani Constructions.

Three decades ago, Shri Ghanshyam J. Sukhwani pioneered and envisioned a business empire and ventured into the field of real estate development and construction. Mr. Sukhwani dedicated himself to enhancing the urban landscapes through quality construction in Pimpri-Chinchwad & Pune and fulfilling the dreams of homebuyers in the region. In the year 1988, Shri Ghanshyam Sukhwani launched the first scheme in Pimpri.

With a compelling desire to deliver excellence in the form of real-estate, RGS Realty is here to Build. Good.

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To evolve as the top real estate player in the industry and build good quality homes and long-lasting relationships with customers and stakeholders


To create an environment for our customers and stakeholders to address all their needs and challenges through effective utilization of innovative and cost-effective methods of providing safe & high-quality services and homes that are at par with excellence.




We respect the efforts behind your hard-earned money and are wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity to bring joy in your lives.


Our uncompromising quality and delivery standards supported by the sincere desire to bring delight into the lives is what keeps us going.


Our crystal clear working is the only true way to clarify all queries and guarantee a content and hassle-free experience.


Our strong principles in the work ethics backed by Sukhwani Constructions’ 30 years of expertise in the sector is what takes you the distance in the right direction.


We keep our feet grounded to the earth while our aspirations scale the newfound heights.


Our appetite to innovate is what accelerates our motivation to improve.

Director’s Message

Ravi Ghanshyam Sukhwani

I feel delighted to venture into the business that my family mastered for over four decades. Stepping out of that legacy and creating a new identity for myself was an inspiration as well as a challenge.

Being a second-generation entrepreneur, my perspective at building something good for the world through real estate development has been quite a blessing. While the competition in this industry is cut-throat and unforgiving, there are brands and names that stand out for being grateful, humble, yet successful. I am proud to be a part of one such name – Ghanshyam Sukhwani

Mr. Ghanshyam J Sukhwani was a pioneer and a visionary of class. When he entered the field of development and construction 45 years ago, the real estate business was still in its nascent stage.

My ambition is clear and simple – to, Build. Good.

Be it in building homes using quality construction materials, or building good relationships with customers and stakeholders. The ethos of my enterprise is all about reinforcing goodness into our foundation so strongly that anything that’s built on it is a masterpiece of goodness. Hope to build homes and bonds that always stands tall!